Haig Club Clubman

Haig Club Clubman 0.7l 40%

Produkta apraksts: Haig Club Clubman inherits the same bold and progressive spirit as Haig Club Icon - designed to be different, stylish and modern whilst incorporating nearly 400 years of House of Haig heritage. The inspiration for the name can be found in advertising materials dating back to the 1920s, in which Haig was advertised as "The Clubman's Whisky". Matured exclusively in American Oak casks that previously held Bourbon, Haig Club Clubman is a wonderfully smooth, sweet and enjoyable Scotch whisky with butterscotch and toffee sweetness. A vibrant addition to Scotch, Haig Club Clubman is also perfect for consumers who enjoy American and Irish whisky. Haig Club Clubman is delicious neat, or on the rocks, although the way we recommend to taste it is with tonic and orange. Haig Club was co-created with global icon, David Beckham. Passionate and dedicated to the brand, David Beckham has travelled the globe to attend Haig Club Clubman events and launches, talking to press, meeting fans and introducing his favorite whisky to a new world of consumers.

Alkohola procents: 40%

Izcelsmes valsts: Apvienotā Karaliste

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