Hennessy VS HIP HOP Limited Edition

HENNESSY VS 0.7l +giftbox”Hip-Hop” 2023 40%

Produkta apraksts: The limited edition Hennessy V.S bottle features a bold design that blends hip-hop aesthetics with the distinctive Hennessy brand style – an elegant juxtaposition of timeless tradition and daring non-traditional confidence. Handwritten excerpts from a love letter to hip-hop by Nas are complemented by vibrant orange color accents (the musician's favorite color). The result is an innovative and spontaneously appealing visual collage, set against Nas's powerful black and white portrait. The packaging includes the playful and unexpected fusion of the brand and artist names as "HenNASsy," incorporating elements reminiscent of graffiti art, the New York flag, and the design of the artist's recent album.

Alkohola procents: 40%

Izcelsmes valsts: Francija


Captain White Daiquiri


2 daļas Captain Morgan White rums
1 daiviņa laima sula
1 tējkarote cukura sīrupa

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Hennessy Berry


4 cl Hennessy V.S. konjaks
Perrier ūdens
1–2 tējk. cukurs
7-8 avenes
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