Junimperium Sloe Gin

Junimperium Sloe Gin 70cl30%

Nogaršot: Freshly berry-like and elegant with a slight touch of orange peel and a nuance of almond. The aftertaste is aromatic, with a slightly bitter touch of pine needles and a sweet and sour sloe in the finish.

Aromāts: fresh with a slightly sweet sense of juniper and citrus

Produkta apraksts: Junimperium Sloe Gin is a classic sloe gin, made special by a combination of fresh wild plums and the world's sweetest jumbo juniper berries. Adding a little coriander and orange zest results in a freshly citrusy gin with a delicious juniper note, ideal for serving both neat and with a lemonade. * World Gin Awards 2021 World's Best Sloe * World Gin Awards 2021 Best Estonian Sloe

Alkohola procents: 30%

Izcelsmes valsts: Apvienotā Karaliste

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