Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca

Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca 0.7l 38%

Nogaršot: A fresh and mild taste with a touch of banana, mint, vanilla and hints of citrus fruits. Carta Blanca Daiquiri: 50 ml Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca; 25 ml lime juice; 25 ml sugar syrup; shake with ice and pour into a glass

Aromāts: Clean and elegant with aromas of grasses and tropical fruits.

Produkta apraksts: The extraordinary ingredient in Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca rum is sweet molasses, a non-crystallised syrup obtained from the refining of sugar that has been used in rum production for centuries. Explorer Christopher Columbus introduced the local population of the Caribbean islands to the liquefaction of sugar by-products. The brown syrup is fermented by purified water and yeast and then distilled in a traditional incinerator. After fermentation and the burning process, this rum, unlike dark rum, is bottled to capture its fine taste. Not ageing it in oak barrels makes its appearance clear and transparent.

Krāsa: Straw yellow with a light greenish glow.

Alkohola procents: 38%

Izcelsmes valsts: Kuba

Uzmanību! Tas ir alkohols. Alkohols var kaitēt jūsu veselībai.