Volcan Reposado

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Volcan Reposado 0.7l 40%

Nogaršot: Volcan Reposado combines fruity notes such as blackcurrant, red apple, pineapple and well-ripened peaches, with nuts and dried fruits. In the background, floral and honey notes appear, resulting in a smooth finished.

Produkta apraksts: Volcán Reposado embodies the perfect union of agave, terroir and wood. At the heart of Volcán Reposado is 100% blue agave from the high-lands, delivering a soft yet rich flavor that is free of additives. Each bottle considers and respects time and the ageing process, consisting of liquid that rests for 135 days in new casks made of American and European oak. This allows for a delicate yet complex interaction between the liquid and the wood and ultimately results in a pleasant release of toasted tobacco notes alongside those of pineapple, light citrus and honey, creating a smooth and balanced finish.

Alkohola procents: 40%

Izcelsmes valsts: Meksika


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