Rigal Les Pierres Blanches

Rigal Les Pierres Blanches’14 0.75l 12.5%

Nogaršot: Frank attack, nice balance, the body is consistent and the aromatic complexity is confirmed with fruity and spicy notes dominated by a very present minerality. The tannins give the wine a marked traditional character and define its structure.

Aromāts: Intensely fruity first nose, powerful with mineral nuances which are accentuated on the second nose.

Produkta apraksts: A full-bodied and berry wine from France, matured for 12 months in French oak. On the palate, overripe plums, blueberries and wild berries come to the fore. In the background, you can feel elegant spices and minerality. The aroma is powerful, intensely berry and complex. Can find hints of minerality. Development potential 10-15 years.

Krāsa: Dark, almost black color.

Alkohola procents: 12.5%

Izcelsmes valsts: Francija

Vīnogulāju šķirne: 100% Malbec

Pasniegšanas temperatūra: 18 °C - 20 °C

Uzmanību! Tas ir alkohols. Alkohols var kaitēt jūsu veselībai.